Town Board preliminary agenda for Monday, Febuary 26

Preliminary Agenda
Call to Order: 6:45PM
Roll Call:
The Recreation Committee is seeking a camp director, pool director, and lifeguards and counselors for summer programs. For more details or an application form, please contact town clerk Barb Cunningham at 876-3409.
The Conservation Advisory Council is looking for four new members to help build its capacity to undertake further environmental oversight for the town and village.  Any one interested, please contact Barb Cunningham.
The Board of Assessment Review has four openings for this year’s round of assessment appeals during the month of May.  Anyone interested should also contact Barb Cunningham.
Star applications for property tax relief must be received in the assessors’ office by 3 PM on Thursday, March 1. Contact the assessor’s office at 876-4805 for more details.
Special Presentation:
1.    Board of Education President Elissa Cascio and School Superintendent Joe Phelan will present the details of their March 13th Board of Education $625,000 referendum necessitated by the Sate offer to provide a $395,000
facilities grant if the voters approve the referendum.
Proposed Actions:
2.     Appointing Darren Forbes to the Thompson-Mazzarella Park Committee through 12-31-07
3.     Appointing Peter Dunn as regular Court Officer at a rate of $20 per hour as recommended by Judge Sanchez
4.     Increasing the hourly rate for the full-time assessor’s aid from $13.50 to $14.50 per hour, retroactive to January 1, 2007.
5.     Approving the Request for Architectural Proposals for town hall renovation and authorizing Morris Associates to widely distribute the RFP among architectural firms and agencies that reach such firms.
6.     Approving the proposal by AKRF to conduct traffic volume and speed studies in Rhinecliff and at the Village Center traffic light for a total not to exceed $10,000 and authorizing the Supervisor to sign the letter contract.
7.    Approving Rhinebeck’s participation in the five municipal consortium to retain the Buske Group to develop a strategic plan for negotiating a new contract with Time Warner on behalf of the towns of Red Hook and Rhinebeck
and the villages of Red Hook, Rhinebeck, and Tivoli and authorizing the supervisor to sign the $6300 contract, with Rhinebeck’s share at $1,386.00.
8.    Approving a transfer of $1,386 from the Part Town contingency fund to the PANDA line, Cable Franchise Consultant.
Old Business:
9.    Considering Thompson-Mazzarella Park recommendation to retain Christopher Lindner to conduct Phase 2 archeological studies for an amount not to exceed $77,000.
10.    Considering Morris Associates proposal to begin mandated annual inspection and analysis of the stone church land fill.
New Business:
11.    Considering the proposal to establish the Rhinebeck Public Safety Committee

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