Preview of Monday’s Town Board meeting

Preview of Next Monday’s Town Board meeting/ Hamlet Council Comp Plan proposals
 More than fifty residents braved the weather to attend Monday’s special town board meeting at the Morton Library on the Rhinecliff Hamlet Advisory Council’s set of recommendations for the Comprehensive Plan. 
 Meanwhile, next Monday’s regular business meeting will be full of interesting items.  These will include:
    *    adoption of a new fee schedule as recommended by the Citizen’s Budget and Finance Committee
    *    formally identifying which town board member will be liaison in 2007 with the various municipal functions
   *    approving the RFP developed by Morris Associates for town hall renovation and authorizing Morris to solicit architectural bids
  *    approving, state amendments to the Local Waterfront Renewal Program
  *    considering procedures for regular, public reporting of the various town functions
  *    considering the Hamlet Advisory Council proposal to expand the moratorium to encompass additional, larger developments
  *    considering an environmental workshop on Monday, April 23, day after Earth Day, to consider municipal initiatives to protect and enhance the environment, including our contribution to reducing global warming
  *    considering “no parking” on town land along the beginning of Kalina Drive
  *    considering procedures for residents to request a road closing to facilitate neighborhood events
  *    committee openings:  Recreation(1)  Thompson-Mazzarella Park Conservation Advisory Council