Rhinebeck Highway Department newsletter – Fall 2006


Superintendent’s Message


Thanks to everyone who has given such positive response to the previous editions of the Highway Department newsletter.  It is good to get your feedback.


I hope that you are finding the newsletter informative and interesting.  I welcome suggestions for articles and any questions that you might have.


Also, let us know if you see a problem on town roads or have any comments about the work that you see us doing.  Feel free to call us at 876-6263.  We look forward to working with you.


Kathy Kinsella


PS- If anyone is interested in back issues of the Highway Department newsletter, they are available by request.  Call 876-6263.

To report a dead animal on a: 

  • State road (Rts. 9, 9G, 199, 308) the number to call is 758-6270. 
  • County road (CR 19, a.k.a. Slate Quarry Road; CR 84, a.k.a. Primrose Hill Road; CR 85, a.k.a. Morton Road and Mill Road; CR 101, a.k.a. Violet Hill Road; CR 103, a.k.a. River Road) call 876-1784 (If there is no answer, call us and we can usually get them.)
  • Town road call the Town Highway Department at 876-6263.
  • Village street call 876-4284.


As this edition of the Highway Department newsletter goes to press, we are putting the finishing touches on resurfacing 

Astor Drive


Mill Road

.  We are using 1/4-inch stone on both roads, which packs tighter than the 3/8-inch stone that has been used in applications on other roads in Rhinebeck.  This should result in a smoother ride while still providing surface resistance that may help calm vehicle speeds.  Additionally, the oil and stone surface preserves Rhinebeck’s rural look and does not elevate the road as much as asphalt overlays.  Take a ride on these roads and let me know what you think.

We plan to soon start a reconstruction ofFox
Bridge, a concrete arch culvert that spans the Fallsburg Creek on

Fox Hollow Road

.  The headwalls on either side of the culvert are stone masonry and are in a state of disrepair, the north wall being the more severely compromised.  That wall has separated from the culvert and the road surface has deteriorated.  We will be rebuilding the headwalls and putting in new supports for the bridge. 

We are also starting to gear up for the challenging weather ahead.  Although no one wants to start thinking about winter, last year’s first snowfall was on November 24th; so now is the time for the highway department to prepare.  Our sand and salt shed is full (2,000 ton capacity) and our plows and sanders are being readied

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