Committee on the Aging and reminder for Arts & Culture Committee

 Below is the town board resolution approved last week to establish the Committee on the Aging and attached is the membership application.  If this Committee interests you, please send in your completed application to the Town Hall as soon as you can.

Resolution to Establish
the Rhinebeck Committee on the Aging
 Whereas, Rhinebeck is home to the largest percentage of residents 60 and older of any Dutchess County community; and  Whereas, Rhinebeck is also home to three nursing homes that care for high needs senior citizens; and  Whereas, Rhinebeck is also home to large numbers of older residents of diverse economic, health, family and social circumstances; and  Whereas, depending upon individual circumstances, many older residents need opportunities for recreation, adequate health care, affordable housing, social connections, low cost transportation, nutrition, help with home or personal maintenance, legal assistance, caring for animals, or simply someone to check in on a regular basis; and  Whereas, the population of elderly Rhinebeck residents is served by a variety of advocacy, recreational, health and social service programs provided by public and private organizations and institutions; and  Whereas, Rhinebeck town government has no staff or committee dedicated to needs assessment, fund raising, service provision, accountability or public advocacy on behalf of older residents; and  Whereas, the absence of such capacity minimizes efforts to assess needs; effectively publicize local programs, services, and events; review the sufficiency and quality of these offerings; identify and plan any missing needs-based services and programs; oversee changes to the mix of services and programs, and advocate improvements in state and federal policy, services, and programs; and
Whereas, anecdotal evidence suggests there may be any number of home-bound elderly residents in desperate circumstances due to the death of a spouse, the absence of near-by family, the lack of religious affiliation, physical and psychological issues and/or the lack of other human contact.
Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Rhinebeck Town Board does hereby establish the Rhinebeck Committee on the Aging; and
Be it further resolved that the Town Board declares its policy and intention to implement a comprehensive strategy to assure that no elderly person living in this community is without decent living conditions and sufficient human contact; and
Be it further resolved that the Committee shall have a broad mandate to identify and propose to the town board policies, programs, services, events and expenditures for unserved, under-served, and/or unaware individuals and groups of senior citizens; and Be it further resolved that where appropriate and if approved by the Town Board, the Committee shall implement or oversee implementation of town-board approved policies, programs, services, events or expenditures; and  Be it further resolved that the Committee shall seek collaboration among public and private agencies and organizations, religious institutions, the town and village governments, and the public school system in the process of identifying need and improvements in local programs and service delivery as well as federal and state policies and programs, where appropriate; and
Be it further resolved that the Committee shall in all matters seek consensus of the members present at any meeting, but shall only submit recommendations for town board consideration on matters that have the support of at least a majority plus one of the Committee members; and  Be it further resolved that the Committee shall comprise up to 15 members and the town board shall seek official representation from the Village Board and the Rhinebeck Central Schools as well as advocates for the elderly; representative senior citizens; representation from existing programs, services and organizations, including nursing homes; attorneys; the clergy; and mental and physical health professionals; and  Be it further resolved that the Committee chair shall be appointed by the town board for a term of one year and that the Committee itself shall decide how minutes of each meeting will be taken and distributed; and
Be it further resolved that the Committee shall meet no less than once each month and shall decide whether and when to conduct public meetings; and
Be it further resolved that the Committee chair shall have the authority to appoint members to sub-committees to develop in depth proposals about specific topics for the entire Committee to consider; and

Be it further resolved that the Committee shall make an annual report to the town board on the status of senior citizens living in the town of Rhinebeck.

Also, please remember to send in your application for the Arts & Culture Committee if you are interested in improving opportunities for the fine or performing arts, for town wide cultural events, or to improve the operation and offerings of PANDA, community access cable TV in Rhinebeck.

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