Upcoming Town meeting agenda – July 24th…Rhinebeck Town Hall

The town board’s next meeting, Monday, July 24th, will include a public discussion of whether two additional committees are warranted —

*    one to review the circumstances of older residents and to identify any additional public services and programs that may be needed, 

*    the other to sponsor, develop, promote and coordinate local art & culture education, communication, exhibits, events, and other related activities.

If you have any thoughts about either of these potential new town committees, please attend and participate in the meeting to help us determine whether the need is sufficient to justify establishing and managing another focus for volunteer activity.

    In addition, the town board took the following actions of interest to our community:

1.    Extending the development moratorium to July 31, 2007, and expanding coverage to include sub-divisions of five lots or more. Two other matters of importance to comprehensive planning were approved.  First, a new schedule established a target date of January 1, 2007, to complete any changes to the draft comprehensive plan and proposed revisions of the zoning code; to resume public hearings at that time on both the Plan and the proposed zoning revisions, and to begin the required environmental review as soon as possible in order to facilitate adoption of the Plan and Zoning revisions before this new moratorium ends. Second, to help the town board meet these new deadlines, we appointed a widely acclaimed, While Plains-based environmental planning firm, AKRF, and its head planner, Graham Trelstad, to facilitate town board review of the Plan itself, proposed new zoning, and public comments and any changes to the Plan’s format or content that such review may dictate.  

2.    Enacting a local law to provide a more flexible process for establishing town fees for various services and transactions.

3.    Approving the proposed group home at 752 Rt. 308 with the support of the family next door, following a visit to a very impressive similar home in Millbrook operated by the same agency.

4.    Appointing nine members to the Rhinecliff Hamlet Neighborhood Council , including: Kathy Flynn, Tom Holsapple, Mark Browne, Sharon Rushton, David Anthone, Greg Sokaris, Lance Ringel, Melissa Cohen, and Geoffrey Sanborn. David Anthone was appointed temporary chair.  The Council will have its founding organizational meeting as soon as possible.

5.    Endorsing a public conference for later in the Fall to explore ways to improve cooperation among the town, village, and public schools. More details of this important event will be sent out with a save-the-date notice once the village and school boards have the opportunity to approve similar endorsements.

6.    Inviting the public to join the town board at its August workshop meeting to review and evaluate the reforms and new initiatives that were established following the historic political change on January 3rd.  We will be seeking to identify needed improvements to what we have put in place and any additional initiatives or reforms that our first six months experience may suggest.

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