Rhinecliff Waterfront Day, Sunday August 6th-2006…

The Rhinecliff Waterfront Committee presents
The Second Rhinecliff Waterfront Day, an event to celebrate the
Hamlet of Rhinecliff and our wonderful waterfront resource.


Welcome the John J. Harvey with local Fire companies
Ride and tour the fireboat

l   U-Guys: Danceable Rock    l   The Acoustic Medicine Road Show


End the day with a Pot Luck Dinner at the Rhinecliff Firehouse
4:30 – 6:30pm and top things off with an
 Ice Cream Sundae to benefit the Rhinecliff Fire Company


There’s still time to sign up to be an exhibitor or vendor.
Call Cynthia Baer (845) 876-5738 or James Chapman (917) 797-1209 for information.


  1. I recently submitted the day’s schedule. Is it possible to post – there are boat tours etc that one will need in order to take advantage of. Please respond and let me know the best way to provide the info. I had send it as a pdf file.

  2. Hi,
    I’m the web coordinator for the yahoo group KingstonPaddlePals. In 2007 several of us kayaked over to the rhinecliff waterfront festival. I’d like to know the date of the festival in 2008 so we can do it again. I’m confused as to whether the date listed on this site is for 2006 or 2008,
    Thanks, Diane

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