Update on the Comprehensive Plan

From Town Supervisor Steve Block:

The public hearing on the draft comprehensive plan has been recessed for now.  We will reopen the hearing when and if changes to the plan require further public review and comment.  During the two evenings, we heard comments from 54 individuals. Meanwhile, the following developments are worth noting:

1.  The town board will accept written comments on the plan until the second July meeting, that’s Monday, the 24th.

2.    The scheduling goal now is to complete any changes to the plan itself and the draft zoning code by the first of the year.  Our hope is to begin the environmental review at that time.

3.    This schedule will allow us to officially adopt both the plan and the zoning code before the new moratorium expires at the end of July, 2007. 

4.    We expect to enact the moratorium law at the July 10th board business meeting. This law will extend the moratorium through July 31, 2007, and expand its coverage to include all subdivision requests of 5 or more lots.

5.    To expedite the work of the town and to make these dates possible, we will hire an independent, planning consultant as well as an attorney specializing in land use matters.  We are determined to assure that the plan and zoning we adopt are legally sound and defensible, and contain provisions that are both visionary and practical.

6.    We have streamlined internal processes of preparing new zoning and of reviewing the plan and reacting to public criticism, again in an effort to make the schedule feasible.

7.   We are hoping the new Open Space and Affordable Housing Committee will develop implementation proposals for inclusion in the final plan and/or draft zoning also by the end of the year. 

If you would like to be included on the official Town of Rhinebeck email list please email:

Steve Block, Town Supervisor at:  SGBlock@aol.com

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