Town of Rhinebeck Highway Department report

Highlights from the recent Town Highway Department newsletter.

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  • Regraded our remaining dirt roads to help preserve them
  • Researched and developed new guidelines for driveways and for road work (other than driveways) and revised and re-designed permit applications
  • Conducted on-going maintenance and repairs including: filling pot holes, curbs replacement, street sweeping and mowing
  • Installed new drainage systems, including catch basins and culvert pipe at various locations
  • Extended guide rail where necessary
  • Completed a maintenance and repair program for all guide rail within the town
  • Conducted snow removal activities on 12 days since January 1, 2006.  Four of those days had accumulations of more than 4 inches.  Year-to-date snow accumulation for Rhinebeck is 26.5 inches